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Western Riviera

From Genoa towards Ventimiglia, Liguria takes on a completely different aspect compared to the opposite Riviera di Levante.

Western Riviera

The Riviera di Ponente, divided in turn intoRiviera delle palme and Riviera dei fiori, is characterized by beautiful seaside villages, each one different from the other.

The Riviera delle Palme includes the province of Savona. Here are definitely worth a visit some villages such as Varazze, Spotorno, Finale Ligure and the beautiful Finalborgo. Going towards the inland allows the discovery of one of the most characteristic Protected Parks of Liguria: Beigua Park. Geopark protected by UNESCO, Beigua completely represents the metaphor of Liguria: the sea meets the mountain, the colors mix to create a unique landscape. Uncontaminated environments to observe on tiptoe, breathtaking views in which to lose your gaze, miles of trails to follow, a historical and cultural heritage to discover: ancient traditions, gastronomic specialties to taste and the magnificent spectacle of the spring migration of birds of prey.

Moving more towards the west, we meet the Riviera dei Fiori, with wonderful cities such as Imperia, Porto Maurizio, Sanremo and Bordighera.

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