Kayak, SUP e Snorkeling

A new way to discover the most beautiful Marine Protected Areas of Liguria (Portofino and 5 Terre)!!


4Eco-kayak tour is an excursion for all, allows to take confidence with the kayak and to explore the beauties of Portofino’s Promontory and Marine Protected Area. The tour lasts about an hour and a half in company of a kayak instructor and environmental guide. Starting from Niasca beach, we coast until the famous small picturesque harbour of Portofino. Continuing paddling we reach the Lighthouse: here, where nature gets “wild”, a refreshing dive in front of the breath-taking scenery is an experience not to be missed.


2.jpgTry our JOBE stand-up paddle boards: different boards for all levels! Choose activity and day and book with us!

Suitable to everyone, the excursion allows you to learn quickly to steer the SUP and to explore the beauties of Portofino’s Park and Marine Protected Area. The Stand-Up Paddleboard, SUP, is a long and large board, on which you stay standing and use a one-blade paddle to direct it. The perfect perpendicular position respect the sea is ideal to admire the wonderful landscape above and below the sea. At your choice, for the same price, you can request a snorkelling tour to match at the SUP Tour.


3Guided tour among the beauties of the marine reserve

The tour leads you, along with a marine biologist, amongst the depths of the bay of Niasca and Paraggi within the protected area of Portofino, famous of its Posidonia meadow. Thanks to this marine plant, to the Park’s protection and to the geomorphological structure, this small’s bay seabed is extremely rich in flora and fish fauna. Dive with mask and snorkel in this natural aquarium is absolutely a unique experience.

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